THE SNIFFER-4 Transformer Buff With The Logo

Size: universal.

Material: 100% cotton.

Color: black.

Inside the buff there is a pocket for a removable napkin.


150 uah

We are ready to protect you from coronavirus! Protecting mask? Scarf? Bandanna? Hat? Hair band? Which variant do you choose? Or maybe, you’ll create your own one! Our universal transformer buff with the logo of The Sniffer-4 series will protect you against viruses, cold, wind, dust, and heat, and will become a necessary element of everyday life.

The series tells a story of a detective, nicknamed The Sniffer, who has unique gift. He has an extraordinarily acute sense of smell; there are no secrets or crimes he cannot reveal. The Sniffer can tell everything about every person only by the smell: what the person ate, who slept with, if he has an alibi. This unique sense is gift and curse at the same time.

A little bonus! Inside the buff there is a pocket for a removable napkin so that bacteria do not penetrate the lungs.


Order right now! Limited edition!