CALENDAR 2022 BACK TO BASICS, wall-mounted, cross-over

Type: wall-mounted, crossover

Format: A3, 16 pages

Language: English, Ukrainian

Country of origin: Ukraine

160 uah

Ukrainian embroidery is one of the symbols of Ukraine. Ukraine is a great country, so it so happened that each region has its own unique patterns for embroidery. And which ones - in this we will be happy to help you figure it out. After all, our new wall desk calendar for 2022 in large A3 format, filled with high-quality photos in traditionally embroidered Ukrainian clothes from different parts of Ukraine. The pages of the calendar show traditional festive outfits in Ukrainian style and a convenient calendar grid that will help you in planning.

High quality printing of the calendar and an interesting plot will be a wonderful gift for you and your loved ones.

The language of the calendar is Ukrainian and English, there is also an additional page with the calendar for 2022.

Format: A3, 16 pages.