Maid-in-Law Red Kaleidoscope Satin Headscarf

Size: 65x65 cm.

Material: satin.

One-sided print.

For gift wrapping, contact the manager!

350 uah

If you searched for the perfect satin headscarf, here it is! Amazingly beautiful, bright, colorful and elegant thing created especially for Maid-in-Law film. It is the best gift for girlfriend, sister, mother, grandma, friend, colleague or yourself. It’ll be a highlight of every fashion look.

Main characters of this story are maid Stefa and blueblood Adelia. Their destinies are intertwined as closely as two trunks, in an inseparable connection which doesn’t let one live, breathe, stay or leave. Who are they for each other – sisters, friends, rivals or blueblood and her maid?

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