FILM.UA Faculty. Summary 2014/2015

FILM.UA Faculty. Summary 2014/2015

Author: Anastasia Rakhmanina
Number of pages: 300
Language: Ukrainian
Size: 120x150 mm
Publisher: Media Resources Management
Genre: Media
Publication year: 2015

320 uah

The book “FILM.UA Faculty. Summary 2014/2015” is a collection of texts, quotations and the key ideas of the Skill Bill speakers at the educational centre FILM.UA Faculty. The book includes decryptions of master classes and workshops by Ukrainian and international experts in the sphere of film and television production.

The book covers the following topics:

  • Producer’s work from creative and financial point of view
  • Producing of youth content
  • Directing a feature film
  • Animation production
  • The role of the creative producer in the development of the script and script selection criteria. Practical advice to writers
  • Work of stage director and costume designer. Cooperation with various departments
  • Art of cinematography
  • Film editor’s work
  • Sound and music in film
  • Film scoring and dubbing, adaptation of foreign content
  • Casting from the actor’s and casting director’s point of view. How to get prepared for a casting
  • The new visual effects technology and budgeting. The role of the VFX-supervisor in production
  • Legal support of TV and film. Objectives of the legal department and legal regulation
  • Film distribution and promotion; cooperation with TV channels
  • Film funds, festivals and major pitching platforms. Techniques of successful pitching

“FILM.UA Faculty. Summary 2014/2015” is a unique and universal book, one and only. Speakers of Skill Bill course are true professionals with huge knowledge and experience, winners of various national and international awards.

Published by Media Resources Management in MediaBook series.