T-shirt with fan-art “Shining” by Dmitriy Krivonos

Color: black with multicolored print.

Size: S, M, XL.

Compounds: 95% of cotton, 5% of elastane.

625 uah

Do you like unusual combinations? Then what do you think about T-shirt based on the movie “Shining” and song “By the Green Groves”? Image of a mad Jack Torrance which make your blood run cold, was surprisingly perfectly combined with the motive of a well-known song’s line, that make you to look at Ukrainian folk art from a new angle.

This T-shirt is a part of a series of clothes with prints of Dmitriy Krivonos’s fan-arts. Pictures of this series of this artist’s works mix popular movie with a line of Ukrainian folk song. These combinations form almost burlesque images.