T-shirt with fan-art “Basic Instinct” by Dmitriy Krivonos

Color: white with multicolored print.

Size: S, M, L, XL.

Compounds: 95% of cotton, 5% of elastane.

625 uah

Do you like unusual combinations? Then what do you think about T-shirt based on the movie “Basic Instinct” and song “Halya carries water”? Image of unsurpassed Catherine Tramell, who always made all eyes go to her, was surprisingly perfectly combined with the motive of a song’s line about beautiful Ukrainian girl, that make you to look at Ukrainian folk art from a new angle.

This T-shirt is a part of a series of clothes with prints of Dmitriy Krivonos’s fan-arts. Pictures of this series of this artist’s works mix popular movie with a line of Ukrainian folk song. These combinations form almost burlesque images.